Being clever can be exhausting.

Monday, July 31, 2006
SRY PPL who viewed... i'm too busy playing water margin online nowadays.. so no time to blog.. ;)

LESS then a year to ORD.. wonderful! actually, its not tat difficult to pass time in the ARMY. lets count..

3mts in BMT
2.5mths in SISPEC, BSLC
2.5mths in ETI else ASLC

tat means 8 mths gone. SOooo fast.

i did Company Orderly Sgt duty last sun.. N, something 'creepy' happened..

there was this thunderstorm in the afternoon and apparently, the fuse blown, causing the lights of the area to be unable to switch on. there's no street lights around the company line. it was pitch dark. my building have electricity but my office's aircon is spoilt. btw, my office's at the ground floor.

everything is going fine till approx 2300 hrs.. i was going to drink at the water cooler outside the office. as i approached the door, i heard a faint scratch. tat kind u hear when u scratch the table. then a 2nd one came... who the hell will scratch my door at 2300hrs... my mind was," dun play leh. its the ghost festival.." i was bloody thirsty then. so i decided," confirm got ppl playing 1, open the door la. i needed a drink." n i opened the door..

N, u noe WTH i saw!.. a damn dog walk, jog away frm the door... FARKING HELL! it scared me for like 1.5min.. damn it

anyways, enjoy the ghost festival. bless tat nothing happen next week as i'm the COS again.

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Friday, April 28, 2006
wow! its a long time since i've posted..


got my 3rd sgt rank
became the 2IC of my section
changed my specs
lost quite a sum in soccer
started playing football
still don't have a girl friend

that's about all currently.... i will update shortly.. too lazy.. :P

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Saturday, January 14, 2006
today is a lucky day~~ lu la lu la.. today is my lucky day lu la lu la leh~

noe wat.. i walked to singapore pools today to place a bet for you wei.. in the end, i ended up placing bets for soccer.. i tot i wrote Away - Away, for the match between MANCHESTER CITY n MANCHESTER UNITED so i went que-ing happily n waited for the slip to be printed.. in the end, wat i got back was manC-manC... onli then i realised tat i have betted Home - Home..

i went into the 'damn! bao su eh' mood... but nvm... so i went orchard shop shop walk walk.. played billard, DOTA, makan.... n did watever i wanted to do... spent 250 bucks in total..

now.. tis is the best part.. when i got home at 3.45am, sian n tired, i decided tat i will check on the scores, afterall, i did placed $5 on it.. n it turned out tat the ticket is the winning one! man C scored 2-0 on the first half.. n won the match 3-1!!! wooo hoooooo! n so... i have actually made $5 to $42.50.. amazing. tis is wat i called luck!!! now i'm waiting for morning to come n i'd go collect my winnings.. ;)

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Monday, November 28, 2005
have walked in n graduated from SISPEC. it seems the past 10 weeks went by in a blink. the first day walking into the bunk n the last day felt the same. SAD.. felt sad the first day because i've been seperated with my frens at BMT. the last day in SISPEC is the same.. sad as i've been posted to different unit with my brothers in SISPEC. we did all the shit together.. in BMT, its the field camp n 24Km march. in SISPEC, its grandslam, nutcracker n the 28K march...

now i'm posted to ETI to get my sgt rank. 11 more weeks.. well, will be meeting more ppl n making more frenz. hope to enjoy my life here.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005
its has been like 5 book outs since i've wrote a blog.. tat a very long time. well.. i'm out of BMTC n into SISPEC... tat's wat they say. sufer in silence plus extra confinement. in Delta company now..

booking in soon.. here we go again. same old shit again~

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Friday, August 26, 2005
well. tis is my 2nd last book out frm BMTC.. time really flies. i still remember the first day when i went in with a blur look, thinking tat the army is full of crazy commanders, wanting to pump u whenever they have the chance.. but, these were all wrong.. the onli tough things were:

  • SIT test
  • Standard Obsical Course
  • Basic Assult Course

that's all tat's XIONG..

anyways, i've passed my IPPT.. so, i've nothing much to worry bout.. 2 more weeks to POP!

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Thursday, July 28, 2005
as we go on... we remember.. all the times we.. had together..

today's my graduation day.. wahaha.. i'm out of SP! the best thing is.... i booked out in the middle of my field camp... wa haha!!! i've made the right choice in choosing SP 3 yrs ago.. i'm out of the jungle, escaped frm the horrendous food rations n fled frm the bitting sand-flies! but i'd be bookng back in tml morning.. in 8 more hrs..

anyways.. these are the pics taken!

Image hosted by

me n chee nam...

Image hosted by
yun li, chee nam, ian, jun ye, wei wei, me
classmates frm yr 1 n 2

Image hosted by

if u guys happen to notice.. i'm the onli person wearing the red SP tie.. think its limited ed (since non of these ppl here are wearing it)..

Image hosted by
zhi cong, jun ye, wei wei, me, akbar, vincent, zhi hao
my mates in yr 3.. ppl on my right, are those who are hardworking n clever.. those on the left.. are clever but not as hardworking..

Image hosted by

Xiao Jun.. our sis.. or maybe.. our mother.. a very matured gal.. 'nags' alot.. ;)

Image hosted by

tat gal with the blazer is joey... the aunty frm 2b26..

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